╒Happy Halloween ’11╕ >:) Cloudcast by Electrobonix

Muhwahahahaha! LISTEN, if you dare! ╒Happy Halloween ’11╕ >:) Cloudcast by Electrobonix on Mixcloud. It’s pure evil. ╒Happy Halloween ’11╕ >:) Cloudcast by Electrob…, posted with vodpod Advertisements

Partying Since the Late 13th Century

Haha, I was bored and looked up the etymology of party. Party late 13c., “part, portion, side,” from O.Fr. partie “a part, a party” (12c.), lit. “that which is divided,” from fem. pp. of partir “to divide” (see part (v.)). Political sense of “side in a contest or dispute” evolved by 1300; meaning “a person” … Continue reading

Win a Copy of Star Wars: The Complete Vader

“Deadline to enter is 12:01 a.m. Pacific on Oct. 26, 2011. One randomly selected winner will be notified by e-mail or Twitter. Winners must live in the United States.” Hahaha, I love this. Leave a comment with your twitter/email/disqus account under wired.com’s article with a description of the picture you like the best and you … Continue reading

Nominalism, Subjectivism, and the U.S. Supreme Court

Modern View of Justice and Economy: Thomas Hobbes states in his Leviathan that To this war of every man against every man, this also is consequent; that nothing can be unjust. The notions of right and wrong, justice and injustice, have there no place. Where there is no common power, there is no law; where … Continue reading

╔Neurofunk 3╗ Mix by Electrobonix

Electrobonix - Neurofunk Mix 3

Starting the weekend, long week, what else would you want to do? Crank up the volume and redline ;)Listen to ╔Neurofunk 3╗ Cloudcast by Electrobonix on Mixcloud. ╔Neurofunk 3╗ Cloudcast by Electrobonix, posted with vodpod Follow Electrobonix on Mixcloud HQ Download: Electrobonix – Neurofunk Mix 3.mp3 (Zippyshare) Lineup: Break – Bass Face 0:00 Rufige Kru … Continue reading

New Layout

The blog’s looking good with some new pictures. Nothing big, I wanted to keep it as minimal as possible. Hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated.

An Interview with Breanne Christmas

Breanne Christmas

This informal interview is the product of a relaxed, Friday afternoon chat with Breanne Christmas. Her words remind me of soul, that depth of character we overlook too often. Bree is an accomplished artist who embraces her creativity through a Nikon D3000 camera and her mesmerizing spray-paintings. You would adore her humane perspective of the … Continue reading

Knight Time (Nickbee Remix)

Unknown Error DnB

Unknown Error – Knight Time (Nickbee Remix) Everything we want in neurofunk with a little added spice. I’m in love, haha ;). http://www.myspace.com/unknownerrordnb/


Simplify Mix Sessions Volume 4

I guess I’m a little behind the glitch-hop game, haha. Mind blowing mix. I was looking for Knight Riderz – Tear You Apart on youtube when I found this. Enjoy 😉 I don’t claim any copyrights to any of this material. And here’s Knight Riderz – Tear You Apart


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